The “Green Windows” Project Is an Original Advertising of the Nature in Slovenia

Before the International Tourism Day in Slovenia, 30 “green windows” will be installed, which command a great view of Slovenia’s less-known natural attractions. As the coordinator of the campaign Jože Prah explained, the essence of the “green windows” is to increase tourist interest in the little-known natural objects.

The main “window” has been opened today in the Jatne na Magolniku forest park, the Radeče Municipality, the 2/3 of which territory is covered by forests. The “window” overlooks the ruins of the ancient Ostrovrhar castle.

On the Jatne hill, where the Posavje hills and the Dolenjska foothills meet, the sculpture of Ajdovska Deklica (“Buckwheat Girl”) and the exhibition of 30 “green windows” located throughout the country were opened. The windows are installed all over Slovenia — from Slovenj Gradec, overlooking the Pohorje, to Kranjska Gora, where one can see the panorama of the Julian Alps, from Dobrovnik, where the sun’s rays are reflected in the Bukovniško Lake (Bukovniško jezero), to Skozno, a natural bridge on the edge of the Trnovski Forest (Trnovski gozd), which offers a view of the Adriatic Sea.

The majority of these “green windows” are wooden. Some of them have real artistic value, and others, such as those on the Vinska Mount (Vinska gora, Velenje), feature even the shutters. Some are mounted on stilts, others — on wooden poles, and others are hanging in the trees. “The fantasy of villagers is an inexhaustible capital for tourism development,” Jože Prah is convinced.


Tourism in Slovenia, the data for 2015 (source: the Slovenian Tourist Board)

– In 2015, 13.0% of all employed persons in the country were employed in the tourism industry; 8% of total Slovenia’s exports and 13% of GDP were generated.

– In 2015, the number of overnight stays for the first time exceeded 10 million.

– On average, each tourist spent 118 euros.


Tourism in Slovenia, the data for July 2016 (source: the Statistics Service)

– 41,000 available rooms, apartments, houses, huts, bungalows, plots for installation of tourist stalls, berths for boats…and more than 114 000 beds.

– 585,000 tourist arrivals and over 1,654,000 overnight stays or 13% more arrivals and 8% more overnight stays than in 2015.

– 30% — overnight stays of domestic tourists, 70% — overnight stays of foreign tourists.

– 30% or almost 503,000 overnight stays in the mountainous municipalities, 25% or almost 415,000 overnight stays in the coastal municipalities.