The Greenbay Properites Fund Will Allocate 70 Million Euros for the Construction of a Residential Neighbourhood in the Centre of Ljubljana

Jože Anderlič about the project: “The Africans are paying, and I am building on a turnkey basis.”

The Greenbay Properites Fund owned by the South African tycoon Des de Beer will finance the 70 million euros worth project of building an elite residential neighbourhood in the territory of the former Kolizej in the centre of Ljubljana. The project contractor will be a construction company from Kranja ruled by Jože Anderlič.

The Greenbay Properties Fund with its headquarters on the island of Mauritius, which bought the Planet Tuš in Koper several weeks ago, has recently published the news about purchasing a land plot with an area of 10,000 m2 from the Tivoli Projekt Company, which is owned by the construction magnate Jože Anderlič. We are talking about the land plot in the centre of Ljubljana, where the Kolizej was once situated.

In 2011, Anderlič destroyed the building of Kolizej and planned to build there an elite residential neighbourhood. However, the project remained ink on paper. Now he has found an investor. The Greenbay Properties Fund paid for the land plot and the project worth 15.4 million euros. The total sum of investments in the construction of the neighbourhood is expected to be 70 million euros.

As the Fund reports, they plan a construction of a residential neighbourhood with 127 premium apartments, a shopping centre with an area of 3,000 m2 and a business centre. According to Jože Anderlič, his construction company from Kranja (Kranjska stavbna družba) will carry out the construction work on a turnkey basis. It is planned that the construction will begin in the next month.

Why the South Africans?

When asked how he made contact with the Fund, Anderlič did not answer clearly. “The world is small, and all such companies often meet each other at major exhibitions,” Jože Anderlič said to the reporters of

They were negotiating on the details of sales contract for about 4 months. It is very likely that for building a neighbourhood, a buyer will be found through a tender, who will manage it.

The South Africans Conquer the Balkans

The Greenbay Properties Fund with its headquarters on the island of Mauritius, according to the Internet, belongs to one of the richest South Africans — Des de Beer. According to the South African business site, in 2013 he was the 22nd richest citizen of South Africa.

Фонд нерухомості Greenbay Properties виділить 70 мільйонів

According to the recent publication on the Finance website, his second company New Europe Property Investments, which owns several retail spaces in Romania, is also interested in the project of building Emonika, a shopping and entertainment complex in Ljubljana, where the Prime Capital Fund can become its main competitor, which also represents South Africa.

The South Africans also purchase property in the neighbouring with Slovenia countries. The Croatian Agrokor will soon sell a large shopping area of the Konzum retail centre to the South African Tower Property Fund for 66.4 million euros. The second Hiprop Fund bought two shopping centres in Belgrade and Podgorica from the Serbian Delta Company.