The Head of the Football Federation of Slovenia, Aleksander Čeferin, Was Officially Nominated for the Presidency of UEFA

The head of the Football Federation of Slovenia (FFS), Aleksander Čeferin, enlisted the support of 13 National Federations during a regional conference in Moscow.

Ljubljana. The head of the Football Federation of Slovenia (FFS), Aleksander Čeferin, officially went to bat for the seat of a new president of the European Football Union (UEFA). Earlier, the national football federations of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Italy supported his candidacy, and yesterday, at a regional conference in Moscow, he was able to enlist the support of 13 more national federations. His candidacy for the first person in the Old World’s football was also supported by Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and of course Slovenia.

“In view of the broad support by the East, West, North and South — that is by the various countries of Europe — I have decided to struggle for the presidency of the European Football Union. These people have had a chance to know me well enough for the last five years of cooperation since my election as the FFS head. I also noticed that they had enough information about me and believed that UEFA needed such president as me. In September we will see whether this will be confirmed during the election,” Čeferin said and predicted that he would address this challenge with the mentality of a winner. “I think it is quite reasonable that I will take this challenge. Under such a support, there is no chance to come up with anything, or speculate on whether you will become a candidate or not. It is necessary to respect the very fact of such support. I am honoured to have the support of so many countries,” he added.

The FFS head, a lawyer from Grosupelj, thus becomes a real contender for the influential post, and although his name is new within the football community, many people already consider Aleksander Čeferin as a worthy successor of Michel Platini. At present, his main competitor is a Dutchman Michael van Praag, the head of the Dutch Football Association. The deadline to apply for the UEFA presidency expires on 20 July, and the elections will be held in Athens on 14 September.

Among the potential candidates for the UEFA presidency, experts also suggest the Spanish football chief Angel Villar, the head of the Portuguese Football Federation Fernando Gomes, the deputy general secretary of UEFA Theodore Theodoridis, and the head of the Football Federation of Poland Zbigniew Boniek.

The Prime Minister Miro Cerar also approvingly commented on the Aleksander Čeferin candidacy in the Parliament on 7 June (see video).

Čeferin, who took on leadership of the Football Federation of Slovenia in February 2011, now is struggling for the post of the seventh UEFA President in the history of the European football. Being supported by at least 18 national federations, he can confidently hope for additional votes in his favour. In general, UEFA has 55 national federations. To be elected as the UEFA President, a candidate must obtain an absolute majority of the delegate votes.


Video: the Prime Minister Miro Cerar talks about Aleksander Čeferin, a candidate for the UEFA presidency: