The Head of the School Centre Velenje, Higher Vocational College, Uroš Sonjak: Our Students Get Employed Right During Their Studies

The university admission process in Slovenia continues. Entrants have a wide choice of universities and colleges offering various study programmes to fit every taste. Among them is the School Centre Velenje, Higher Vocational College, which is part of the Educational Centre in Velenje. It is an educational institution with more than 20 years of history. The second round of admission to this college will be held from 27 August to 31 August. Therefore, it is the high time for the applicants to get acquainted with this institution more closely and then to make an intelligent decision. Today we publish an exclusive interview with the Head of the School Centre Velenje, Higher Vocational College, Uroš Sonjak.

– Good afternoon, Mr. Sonjak!

Hello! I will be happy to answer your questions!

– Please, tell us about what your institution can offer to students.

Our college began its work in the 1996–1997 academic year with a single study programme – Electronics. At the moment, we provide six different programmes: Electronics, Geotechnology and Mining, Hospitality and Tourism, Informatics, Mechatronics, and Housing and Public Services and Environmental Protection. The choice of the mentioned study programmes is based on the college’s intention to keep pace with the times, so that the professions mastered by students could really correspond to the current supply and demand in the labour market. Our students know first-hand about modern business trends, as most of our teachers work in companies that are leaders in their fields.

– Why do students choose your college?

I think that this question could be partially answered by the previous information. In addition, I would like to stress that very strong competition has prompted us to develop high-quality study programmes. On the one hand, Celje (the third largest city in Slovenia) is located nearby, and on the other hand, we are close to the highly developed Austrian region of Carinthia. The only way to keep the lights on within such a strong environment is to constantly maintain a high level of quality. We provide quality everything – in our equipment, in the school premises, in our teaching staff, and also in the fact that our graduates have a lot of opportunities for employment. Our study programmes are designed so that they include 40% of practice. This means that our students get employed already during their studies. I want to add one more important point: Slovenia is culturally close to students from the Slavic countries, so they feel very comfortable here.

– And how long does the study last?

Training on all our study programmes lasts 2 years.

– Which of the programmes in your school is the most popular?

Undoubtedly, this is the Informatics study programme, for which we annually offer the largest number of places. At the same time, the demand for the graduates of the Electronics and Mechatronics study programmes is the highest among the human resource departments of companies.

– Could you briefly explain to future students what Mechatronics is?

Mechatronics is a combination of informatics, electronics and mechanical engineering. Each robot in production has hardware components, electronic components and information support. It is very difficult to work effectively in production, if you have knowledge only in one of the listed areas, as they complement each other. That is why the Mechatronics study programme exists, which comprises all three areas.

– What is the language of instruction?

Slovenian. For all foreigners, we offer Slovenian language courses available for attendance at any time.

– Does the college provide accommodation for its students?

Most of our students live in a city student dormitory. The cost of a room with a kitchen and a bathroom is from 100 to 150 euros, depending on how many students the room is designed for. Of course, students can also rent an apartment, but in this case, the price is higher, although compared to the prices in Ljubljana, it is still profitable. I want to add that the city transport in Velenje is free for students.

– How would you rate your cooperation with 2TM?

As a very correct and professional one. I hope that our cooperation will bring much success. Taking this opportunity, I would like to invite students to study with us. I guarantee that they will feel at home here!

– Thank you for the interview!

For more information on study programmes provided by the School Centre Velenje, Higher Vocational College, please contact 2TM experts.