The Improvement of Two Main Streets in Ljubljana Will Start in Summer

In July, it is planned to start working on the improvement of two central streets of Ljubljana — Slovenska Street and Gosposvetska Street. The Dalmatinova, Kersnikova and Dvoržakova streets will be also put in order. The budget of all works is € 5.7 million.

The Municipality of Ljubljana as well as the Energetika and Vodovod – Kanalizacija companies will traditionally participate in the project on beautification of Slovenska Street and Gosposvetska Street. This time the Municipality will provide the lion’s share of funds (more than 5 million euros).

The Energetika Company has signed a contract with a contractor who will repair water and gas pipelines under the Gosposvetska Street and the northern part of the Slovenska Street at the “Bavarski dvor” bus stop. An agreement worth almost 100 thousand euros involves conduction of electrical works. The Energetika Company will include the construction services into the general tender (together with the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Vodovod – Kanalizacija Company). “Thus, we will perform the construction, engineering and geodetic works in conjunction with the modernization of the entire utilities and road infrastructure within this area,” the representatives of the Energetika Company note.

The tender for carrying out electrical works was announced in advance by the representatives of Energetika, while opening a joint tender for the conduction of construction works will require an approval of all the details. Given that the construction works should be carried out during the holiday season, the Company wants to launch them in July.

The Largest Project on Capital Improvement for the Past Two Years

The Municipality of Ljubljana conducts the project on beautification of the Gosposvetska Street and Slovenska Street using the same budget funds allocated to the works with the Dalmatinova, Kersnikova and Dvoržakova streets. The total estimated costs of the works on improvement of road infrastructure make 5.7 million euros. In this case, state-owned companies will allocate a little more than half a million of funds.

Upon completion of the construction works, the bus stop on the Slovenska Street will be located in the same place near the Kozolec Complex. The interval of urban transport will remain the same as on the Šubičevo and Aškerčevo streets. The improvement in Ljubljana will affect, first of all, the Gosposvetska Street, on which a tree lane will be planted. In this case, sufficient space will be provided for pedestrians and cyclists.

The archaeological excavations will take place during the improvement of the Slovenska Street and other facilities in Ljubljana. Particular attention will be paid to the intersection of the Gosposvetska and Slovenska streets, where, according to scientists, the graves of the Ancient Roman era are located. In the article “Emona—City Portrait” (“Emona — Portret mesta” in Slovenian), the antiquity researcher Dr. Bernarda Županek (Museum of Ljubljana) writes that these graves of the ancient Rome are the largest in the capital.