The Industry Representatives Strengthen Cooperation with Faculties

The integration of science and economy is designed to prevent the outflow of young professionals abroad.

Ljubljana. The carriers of innovative approach in science and economics must collaborate and maintain a stable partner relationship, because for Slovenian companies it is one of the breakthrough keys to the foreign markets. Good examples of such cooperation are the Slovenian Lek and Mahle Letrika companies.

The Lek Company leaders realize that they cannot embrace all areas of science. Therefore, they should communicate with external experts. We talk about the so-called “Open Innovation” projects, which means the creation of mixed groups of researchers that include experts of the Lek Company and representatives of various faculties and institutes.

They cooperate at improving study programs

“We are cooperating with faculties on a number of projects aimed at developing new products and technologies. Our experts are teachers and mentors assisting young people in their work on the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral theses. We work closely with them in terms of permanent study programs improvement.

Given the nature of our industry, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Biotechnology and the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology are our natural strategic partners. The institution partners include the Institute of Chemistry, the Jozef Stefan Institute, the National Institute of Biology and others,” the head of the Lek Company Strategic Programs and the head of the Organizing Committee of the Regional BioCampa Department, Dr. Darja Ferčej Temeljotov explain.

 Greater integration efficiency

The Lek Company is an industrial partner in the EU projects. It annually involves 30 to 40 researchers and offers from 60 to 80 practices per year to the students of natural sciences programs, including foreigners. The Company is also working with 20–30 teachers within BioCampa, and its researchers and executives are also the faculty members and participate in the preparation of programs curricula.

The cooperation has reached a new level

Last Tuesday, the Mahle Letrika Company in Nova Gorica signed a letter of cooperation intent with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with whom it has been fruitfully working for some time.