The International Astronomical Union Invites Everyone to Name Stars and Exoplanets

The International Astronomical Union, on its 100th anniversary, organizes the global campaign – Name ExoWorlds. Each country participating in the action, including Slovenia, will name one exoplanet orbiting a star (a planet located outside the solar system).

Specifically, Slovenia was asked to choose the name for an exoplanet WASP-38 b located at a distance of 446 light years from the solar system, and its host star HD 146389 with an apparent magnitude of 9.4. They are located in the Hercules constellation.

The task of the Slovenes is to select the most “popular” names for the star and the planet by November 2019. Propositions from all those interested are accepted until mid-October 2019 through the online form on

The length of the name (preferably, in one word) should be 4-16 Latin characters. The name should not contain figures, garbage characters and letters with additional characters. The name should not coincide with the already existing name of a celestial body and should not be offensive. ExoWorlds should not be named after living people or people who died less than a hundred years ago. Using the names of political, military, religious organizations, companies, pets and the like is not allowed.

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