The International Festival Svetlobna Gverila 16: Narava

13 May 2016

This year, the International Festival Svetlobna Gverila celebrates its tenth anniversary. The Festival is dedicated to the presentation of works of the contemporary visual art, in which light is the main means of expressing the meaning.

It happened so that the program of the Festival, which is held in the year when Ljubljana bears the honorary title of the Green Capital of Europe, is also highlighted with green colours. The thematic focus of the current Festival version is Narava (the Nature). Therefore, it will take place not only indoors, but also in some Ljubljana city parks and botanical gardens. The multi-year project “Boštjan Drinovci” has become the creative basis for the gradual decoration of the Light Park, which will be located near the Gradaščica River. In cooperation with numerous educational and cultural institutions, the current Festival program again includes pupils and students of the Ljubljana secondary schools and faculties, which are engaged in the development of new projects. A series of workshops quenches creative appetites of young people.

More information about the Festival, which will take place from 16 May to 18 June 2016, is available on the website: