The Italians Attributed Four Slovenian Brands to the Number of “Their” Best Wine Cellars

Fon, Klinec, Burja and Guerila were awarded the “quality label” status.

Італійці віднесли до числа «своїх» найкращих винних погребів чотири словенських брендуIn the latest edition of the Italian Slow Wine 2017 catalogue, which operates as part of the advertising promotion for local products and Slow Food cooking, four Slovenian representatives were first marked among the best wine cellars. The Burja, Marko Fon, Guerila and Klinec brands were awarded the “quality label” status.

The Burja wine cellar, which belongs to Primož Lavrenčič, and the Guerila wine cellar, which is owned by Zmago Petrič, represent the Vipava region. Marko Fon owns the vineyards in the Krasa region, and Aleks Klinec is the only representative of the Goriška Brda wine cellar. All four winemakers provide an environmentally friendly and natural product. The wines of this quartet are the best examples of natural and biodynamic wines of Slovenia.

A detailed list of all Slovenian wine cellars, participating in the competition, can be found at the following link