The Largest Festival for Children Pika Nogavička Finishes in Velenje

On Saturday, 29 September 2018, the country’s largest traditional annual festival for children, Pika Nogavička, finished in Velenje. This festival has been conducted for the 29th time in a row. During the festival, more than 100 creative workshops, as well as educational, recreational and other activities for children of all ages were arranged.

Children had an opportunity to fully relax in the company of their parents and peers, take advantage of colourful amusement rides, demonstrate agility and endurance, watch scientific experiments, ride a boat on a local lake and take pictures on a pirate schooner (the latter is always very popular among visitors).

The main theme of this festival was animals and their fauna. For training and educational purposes, the organisers set up a virtual wild beast show. It featured wooden exhibits of animals with information signs describing each animal and the prints of its paws. After visiting the show, the guests of the festival could, for example, find out that a blue whale has the largest heart among all mammals, the total weight of which is up to 600 kilograms. This animal can reach 33 metres in length and weighs more than 150 tons. For comparison, the weight of the blue whale’s heart exceeds the total weight of the Galapagos giant tortoise, which weighs up to 420 kilograms.

The event was held under the auspices of the municipality of Velenje, with the participation of numerous organisations, institutions, communities and volunteers. The goodwill ambassador of this festival was the poet Bina Štampe Žmavc.