The Largest in Slovenia IT-Exhibition Will Take Place in Ljubljana

On Thursday, 13 October 2016, the B2B exhibition dedicated to the IT-security will be held in the Commercial Exhibition Centre (Gospodarsko razstavišče). The exhibition is the largest in Slovenia and is the 11th in a row.

The list of speakers:

  1. Mojca Prelesnik, an IT consultant “New Methods for Assessing the Factors Affecting the Privacy Issues”
  2. Damjan Križman, the Ministry of Public Administration “Slovenia, Are You Ready to Global Challenges of Information Security?”
  3. Gorazd Božič, SI-CERT “We Finally Have the Strategy of Cybersecurity. What Now?”
  4. Jan Bervar, NIL d.o.o. “Automated Hackers Do Not Choose Targets Any Longer”
  5. Hrvoje Šegudović and Boris Kresoja, INFIGO IS d.o.o. “Using Splunk to Work with Large Amounts of Data”
  6. Miha Ozimek and Andrej Rakar, SIQ “Card Cashless Payments Security (PCI DSS). Standard Requirements in the Field of Card Transactions (VISA, MasterCard)”
  7. Mario Korva, Cifra d.o.o. “SeaEncDec—the Encryption Software with Elliptic Curve Cryptography”
  8. Eva Kalan, the IT Security Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia “Data Protection and Certification of Security Systems”
  9. Robert Bergles, Alenka Glas, Marko Erjavec, Andrej Puš — Unistar PRO, and Tomaž Šmid, Telekom Slovenije d.d. “Security Risks of Android Devices and How They Are Managed in Accordance with the Legislation of Slovenia”
  10. Franc Trtnik, FUJITSU “Protecting Valuable Information with the Help of Fujitsu Security Models”

and a number of other interesting speakers.

Free admission. Detailed information about the event and the application form are available at the link: