The Largest Number of Vacancies in the Last Quarter of 2018 to Be Open for Builders and Logistics Experts According to the Survey Conducted by the Manpower Company

In total, 620 employers took part in the survey. 20% of the employers surveyed plan to offer new jobs. 74% of the interviewed employers do not plan to expand their staff. The overall dynamics of employment remains more than positive. For example, only in the Luka Koper Port, according to the forecasts of the Board Chairman Dimitrij Zadela, more than 300 vacancies will be opened. The net employment forecast in the country, including the seasonal adjustment, makes +19%.

New vacancies will be opened in all 4 statistical regions and in all 10 branches of the economy. In addition to builders and logistics experts (+25% and +22%, respectively), the demand is expected for financial and business services, insurance and real estate (+23%), transport and communications (+22%), production (+18%), wholesale and retail trade (+16%). The least optimistic forecasts are made by employers of the mining industry. Forecasts of employers by regions: North-East region (+20%), Central region (+18%), South-East region (+13%), and South-West region (+11%).

The largest staff deficit is present in the sectors associated with shortage professions. This is a systemic problem that is characteristic of the entire EU labour market. Given the conditions of positive forecasts in employment dynamics, talent management comes first.