The Level of Employment and Earnings in the Gorenjska Region Is on the Rise

According to Ajpesa, the business companies of Gorenjska jointly produced 232 million euros of net profit.

Kranj. Last year, business companies from the Gorenjska region again improved their performance indicators as compared to the previous years. Their aggregate net profit amounted to 232 million euros. According to this indicator, the Gorenjska region became the third in the country after the Central and the South-Eastern regions.

As compared to the year 2014, the net profit of the companies increased by 15%. Last year, the Gorenjska companies received 5.8 billion euros of revenues, which is 5% higher than a year earlier. The profit rate on the Slovenian market grew by 4%, and in foreign markets — by 5%. Zdenka Kajdizh, the head of the Kranjska Department in the Ajpesa Company, stated this information at the today’s data presentation.

In total, 3,693 companies produced nearly 296 million euros of net profit. Most of the profit was generated by large companies — in total 133 million euros. 1,689 companies demonstrated the net loss for 63 million euros, which is one-fifth less than in 2014.

The companies engaged in the manufacturing industry sector generated most of the net profit, and the companies operating in the field of hotel and restaurant business demonstrated the largest net loss. The highest loss rate was shown by the companies (primarily by those operating in the field of tourism and hotel-restaurant business) registered in the municipalities of Kranjska Gora and Bohinj, and the maximum profit — by the companies from Kranj and Skofja Loka. The major part of the value added per employee was produced in Cerklje, Škofja Loka, Šenčur and Žireh.

The wages level is above average across Slovenia

In 2008 in the Gorenjska region, business companies had more than 44,000 employees. Until 2013, this number was gradually decreasing. However, now the curve goes up again, having reached a figure of 39,237 people last year.

Almost 55% of all employees were employed by 47 large and 69 medium-sized companies, which jointly produced a total of nearly two thirds of all revenues of the Gorenjska companies. These companies have the greatest impact on the operating results of the business companies from Gorenjska.

As compared to the year 2014, last year the net value added per employee in all Slovenian companies increased by 1%. It amounted to 41,124 euros. A similar increase was also noted in Gorenjskem, where the comparable figure was 40,409 euros.

Last year, an average monthly gross salary in Gorenjskem was 1,554 euros per employee, and at the national level — 1,504 euros.

Last year, 446 companies were founded in the Gorenjska region (17% less than in 2014). Thus, 352 companies ceased their activities (11% less than in 2014); 51 bankruptcy proceedings were initiated for companies, and 11 — for entrepreneurs.

At the end of last year, companies possessed assets and liabilities to the funds sources in the amount of 5.6 billion euros, which is 2.2% higher than a year earlier.

 More revenues and better business

Last year, 32 cooperatives from the Gorenjska region hired 286 people. In total, the cooperatives produced 111 million euros of revenues and a bit less than a quarter of a million euros of net losses.

According to Ajpesa, 6,591 small business owners from the Gorenjska region produced 477 million euros of revenues last year, which is 9% more than in 2014. They hired 3,697 employees (operators are not included). This is almost 9% higher than a year earlier. They also improved their operating results, which affected the following indicator — more than 44 million euros of the entrepreneurs’ net profit, which is one-tenth more than a year earlier.