The Ljubljana University Economics Faculty Holds a Seminar on Career Issues for Students with Special Needs

On Thursday, 17 May 2018, the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty held a seminar on career issues for students with special needs. During the seminar, the problems and perspectives faced by students of this category in the process of studying and entering the labour market were discussed, as well as the opportunities for support and the role of the relevant organizations in their employment.

The state of health and the living conditions of students with special needs affect their inclusion and participation in the educational process, as well as further employment. Such students have to constantly prove their abilities, and therefore they need to be trusted and provided with appropriate opportunities, as the seminar participants emphasized. Today, the number of institutions that help students with special needs is growing. Students can contact specialized institutions that are engaged in career counselling and support for people with special needs when entering the labour market. Such organizations, in particular, include the Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana, the URI Soča Professional Rehabilitation Centre (vocational guidance for young people with special needs), the Employment Service, the project “Participation of Young People with Special Needs in the Labour Market.”

One of the key messages of the seminar was the importance for students with special needs to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, be able to introduce themselves and properly defend their rights, and put faith in themselves. Even if they have to give up their initial intentions, it is extremely important that such students continue looking for other opportunities, while not despairing.