The Ljubljana University Economics Faculty Is a Partner of the International Talent Management Project GETM3

The Ljubljana University Economics Faculty is one of the partners of the international talent management project GETM3, for the implementation of which it received funding within the framework of the H2020 platform.

In April 2018, scientists and business representatives from Ireland, Britain, Poland, Slovenia and South Korea met in Warsaw. Within five days, two scientific conferences were held, at which the results of the GETM3 research were presented and workshops were held, during which ideas were discussed and projects for further work were developed.

An important part of the visit was a meeting with the representative of the EU Research Excellence Agency, which summed up the work for the previous years. According to the results of the working day dedicated to the presentations of scientists, the representative of the European Commission gave positive feedback and provided participants with an additional impetus for the implementation of set goals.

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana was presented by the initiator of the project Prof. Dr Nada Zupan (Department of Management and Organization) and Prof. Dr Katarina Katja Mihelič, the Head of the Vidik Delodajalcev Working Group. Dr Mihelič presented the results of the project group’s work and demonstrated to foreign colleagues the peculiarities of successful collaboration between academic sphere and business environment using a case of the two well-known Slovenian companies and partners of the project – Kolektor and Medex.

The scientists participating in the GETM3 project will meet again in Daegu, South Korea, in July this year and then in Ljubljana in September.

More information about the project can be read on the official Facebook page.