The Ljubljana University Economics Faculty Is Recognized as the Second Best Business School in Eastern Europe

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana was awarded five palms of distinction at the 11th Eduniversal World Convention, which was held in Dubrovnik on 16–19 October 2018. It was named the second best business school in the Eastern Europe region (after the University of Economics in Prague).

On behalf of the members and students of the Faculty of Economics, the Dean, Prof. Dr. Metka Tekavčič, the Secretary of the Faculty, Master Tilen Balon, and the Head of the Education Quality Department, Master Smiljana Zajec received the award.

The international Eduniversal ranking includes 1,000 best business schools and faculties of economics in 154 countries of the world. Each institution receives one or several palms (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). The classification of schools takes into account such criteria as the quality of education, international reputation, international accreditation, position in international rankings, membership in international organizations, and the authority of an educational institution in the region. It should be noted that only 100 of the world’s best educational institutions receive five palms, including the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana.

Every year, during the Eduniversal World Convention, a ceremony of awarding the best business schools Eduniversal TOP3 in each of 9 geographic regions is held. The ranking is based on the results of online voting by the deans of 1,000 business schools around the world.

As mentioned above, the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic (5 palms) holds the first place in the Eastern Europe region. The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana (5 palms) shares the second place with the Corvinus University Business School, Budapest, Hungary (4 palms) and the School of Management of St. Petersburg State University, Russia (5 palms). The third place was taken by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia (4 palms) and the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw, Poland (5 palms).