The Ločen Bridge Across the Krka River to Be Enhanced in Novo Mesto

The Levičnikova road will also get a new look. The budget of both projects is 2 million euros, half of which should be provided by the municipality. These projects are invested within the framework of the sustainable mobility policy. The Association of Municipalities of Slovenia supported the projects.

The Ločen bridge was built in 1977. In 1999, it was renovated and equipped with a two-sided pavement. However, it still did not have bicycle lanes. Due to heavy traffic, especially trucks, cyclists are under threat.

The current project envisages a two-way expansion of the bridge with a cantilever structure and the arrangement of bicycle lanes. It is planned to connect the extended Ločen Bridge with a roundabout intersection in Ločno and the Levičnikova road, which also features heavy traffic. This road connects Novo Mesto with Metlika[*] and Croatia.

The second project provides for the improvement of the Levičnikova road section with a length of 1.2 km. A bicycle lane and a pavement (up to the Ragovo fork) will be developed. Besides, two parking bays will be built. The project will allow for free passage of bicyclists between the two districts of Novo Mesto, Ločno and Žabjo Vasjo, and will also be an important step towards the creation of a city network of bicycle lanes.


[*] Metlika is a small town in the south of Slovenia in the Dolenjska region near the border with Croatia.