The LTH Ulitki Focuses on Export and Development, Makes Investments, and Enlarges its Staff

LTH Ulitki is an important supplier for the development of the German automotive industry.

The LTH Ulitki or LTH Castings Company from Škofja Loka is among the ten largest Slovenian exporters since it exports from 99 to 100% of its production capacities. It specializes in high-tech supplies of castings for the automotive industry, mainly for the German automakers.

This year, the Company expects for roughly a 10-percent increase in revenues and up to 40 million euros of investments.

This year, the Company is going to achieve a 10-percent growth in revenues and obtain 40 million euros of investments.

The LTH Castings Group of five companies worked very successfully in the past year. In addition, their LTH Castings Company, which reached nearly a 20-percent increase in revenues, for the first time has gone above the mark of 200 million euros in sales, and the Group in general — above more than 230 million euros.

Among other matters, the Company is growing, investing, increasing its production capacity, and enlarging staff. At the end of last year, it had 1,513 employees.

As exporters, we face with the pressure of prices, fierce competition, increasingly high standards of product quality, and greater uncertainty. In short, nothing particularly new. We deal with especially strong competition during the implementation of new projects, but we are looking for our bargaining chip by applying the innovative technological approaches and rendering integrated customer services — from prototypes to the mass production — and particularly acting as the best supplier. In the current situation, the financial strength and ability to invest are of major importance“, the representatives of the LTH Castings Company note.