The Mag-Lev Audio Company Invented the World’s First Levitating Turntable

The Mag-Lev Audio Company invented the world’s first levitating turntable in Slovenia. The Company uses a magnetic cushion to suspend platters hovering in air.

Today the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform launched a campaign on selling the world’s first levitating turntable developed by the Mag-Lev Audio Company. The development team is focused on the fans of vintage vinyl records and old record players.

As Davorin Furlan noted during the project presentation, the product combines a commercial factor and a desire to meet current design trends. “We came to a conclusion that during our talks about new ideas, we often change platters thinking for a long time, which one should be played the next. At first, our idea on that a vinyl record has to fly in the air seemed strange. However, the things changed after we bought a magnetic levitator ( and found out that it was possible indeed,” the product developers told. After several months of tests, they were able to create a working prototype of a classic turntable.

Most of the ongoing development was to solve the problem of the remote start of a rotating disc mechanism. The advantage of the music device is the absence of wearing parts. Some sophisticated lovers of traditional record players have already tested the new turntable, expressed their admiration and gave some valuable advice to the inventors.

The MAG-LEV Audio turntable has a pre-set arm, a knurled head and a socket for connecting an audio system. “Understanding how sensitive the vinyl records are, we made it so that after playing a record, the arm rises automatically. This protects platters from damage and scratches and prolongs the shelf life of the knurled head,” the developers say.

The playback speed varies from 33.3 to 45 rpm. The “legs” (pins) for a platter, which allow it to remain turned off, are also mounted on a turntable. When the turntable is on, these support pins move down automatically. When the arm returns to its initial position, the pins move up automatically, so that you can safely turn off the player.

In the absence of electricity or voltage drops, a UPS system with a supply of electricity enough to raise the arm is triggered, a platter stops softly, and the pins are set to the rest position.

The Kickstarter’s task is to collect $ 300,000 for the completion of product development. The Kickstarter’s pre-sale price for the turntable will amount to around 1,000 euros, and in the market, it will cost 1,400 euros.

Even if the campaign is not successful, the developers will continue implementing the project and searching for new adherents, because they are sure that their products are of great interest. Besides, the vinyl culture ( is being revived again.

The work on the project involved the Desnahemisfera Design Studio and the Topsol Company that specializes in the solar energy technologies.