The Majority of Slovenes Believe that Slovenian Food Is of Good Quality

Approximately 90% of the polled consumers in Slovenia confirmed this fact, another 86% believe that such products are trustworthy. About 80% of the respondents note that by buying Slovenian food they contribute to the preservation of jobs in the country. Another 85% indicate that they buy Slovenian foodstuffs taking care of the development of rural areas.

Two-thirds of the respondents see this project as only promoting local products to the market, and 66% of respondents state that they most often buy products from Slovenian producers. More than half of the respondents always check the Slovenian production of the purchased food products.

According to the Minister of Agriculture Dejan Židan, recent research has shown that the market reputation of the quality mark ‘Selected Quality of Slovenia’ (Slovene: Izbrana kakovost Slovenije) grew by 76% over the past year.

“Experts note that this is a significant step forward,” the Minister says assessing the results of the research as the good ones.