The Maribor University Team Wins the First Place at the International Field Robot Event

The 17th International Field Robot Event was held in Heilbronn, Germany. As part of the event, participants had to programme their robots for autonomous movement across the field along a previously known route (Basic Navigation) and along an arbitrary route (Extended Navigation). Competing robots map fields (Cartography), perform selective weeding (Weeding) and also compete in solving other agricultural challenges (Freestyle).

The competition was attended by representatives of the University of Maribor. The team included Gašper Fridrih, Žan Mongus, Erik Rihter, Benjamin Založnik (Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystems Sciences), Peter Bernad (Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics), Dominik Hrastnik, Miha Kajbič, Urban Kenda, Jernej Mlinarič, Valentin Podkrižnik, Kristijan Polovič, Matic Rašl, Luka Slapnik, Luka Šelih, Erik Voh, Aljaž Zajc (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics).

As part of the Biosystems Engineering subject, students of the University of Maribor developed and presented the FarmBeast robot – a system for selective weed removal. FarmBeast finds weeds and removes them with heat treatment (laser). If the weed is just starting to grow, the robot removes it mechanically (cuts it with a thread). If we are talking about overgrown weeds that cannot be processed thermally or mechanically, the robot uses chemical treatment.

According to the results of the competition, the team of students of the University of Maribor under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr Jurij Rakun and Prof. Dr Miran Lakota won the first place in the Freestyle category receiving high marks from the audience and the jury.