The “Men Do Not Cry” Slovenian-Croatian Movie Receives an International Award

The Slovenian-Croatian feature-length film “Men Do Not Cry” (Slovene: Moški ne jočejo) received the highest Dragon Award at the 41st International Film Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. A total of 20 films were shown at the festival.

In March 2018, the work by the Bosnian director Alen Drljević will be shown at the film festivals in Sofia and Vilnius. The film was produced with the participation of the Slovenian film production studio Iridium Film. The leading roles are played by Slovenian actors Boris Isaković, Sebastian Cavazza, Boris Ler and Primož Petkovšek.

Initially, the director Alen Drljević planned to make a short documentary about the fate of veterans of the war in the Balkans in the 90-ies of the twentieth century. Later, he decided to change the format. He produced a full-length film with an interesting and unordinary plot. The film was praised by many cinema critics.

The “Men Do Not Cry” movie has already been awarded as the best film at the 15th International Film Festival in Zagreb. At the festival in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). It was awarded by the international cinema network ‘Europa Cinemas’ in the ‘Best European Film’ category. Besides, it was recognized as the best film of the 19th International Film Festival in Bratislava and received an award from the international jury of the World Association of Film Critics and Journalists FIPRESCI during the Liff Film Festival.