The Most Expensive Apartments in Ljubljana

How much is the most expensive housing in Ljubljana? A studio apartment near the Tivoli Park with an area of 5.5 m2 is being sold for 4,500 euros per m2 (24,500 euros).

A mini-studio with an area of only 5.5 m2 is being sold in Ljubljana. We were more surprised with its price rather than with its size. One square meter costs 4,500 euros. We are talking about a small studio apartment on the first floor of a house in the Malgajeva Street in front of the Ljubljana Tivoli Park.

Most of its area is occupied by one room. A small corner is designated for a bathroom with a shower. The apartment also includes 8 m2 of shaven green lawn under the windows overlooking the well-groomed park in the courtyard of the neighbourhood.


A ceiling-mounted bed with a chair and a table under it.

Самые дорогие квадратные метры в ЛюблянеAs a seller of apartments Sebastian Vehari from the real estate agency told the reporters, the ceiling height in the studio was 2.8 meters, so it could be functionally furnished. A bed is mounted into the ceiling with a chair and a table installed under it.

The housing is sold for 24,500 euros or 4,500 euros per m2. As compared to other real estate objects in the capital, this price is significantly inflated. For example, buying prestigious apartments with improved layout and with a total area of 200 m2, you will need to pay about 3,500 euros per m2.

You will hardly find studio apartments cheaper than € 40,000 in Ljubljana.

“This apartment is to be assessed not by squaring but as a property object. What accommodation can you purchase in this place at a price below 40,000 euros?” Sebastian Vehar asks and for comparison gives an example of selling two apartments nearby in the same neighbourhood, in the Litostrojska Street. “The price of a 3-room apartment was 1,500 euros per m2, and the price of a studio apartment was 2,800 euros. The size of housing, therefore, determines the price of a square meter,” the owner of the property says.

He adds that if a studio apartment on sale with an area of 5.5 m2 has a prime location, the price may be higher, respectively.

The rent was 200 euros

Until today, a tenant was living in this apartment for 12 years, who paid a monthly fee of 200 euro plus utility costs. Vehar is convinced that this is an indication of that the value of this property is justified. However, he intends to reduce the price.

The owner says that there is an interest among buyers as he has already organized a number of views. First of all, we are talking about the divorced people and citizens of the former Yugoslavia republics.