The Most In-demand Professions in the Field of Tourism

On the eve of the 25th Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition MITT-2018, in which 2TM takes part, we have decided to share the latest news in the sphere of tourism and talk about the most in-demand professions in this field.

Despite the fact that Russia’s Government does everything possible to promote domestic tourism (recently, for example, the high-altitude ski resort Veduchi has been opened in the Chechen Republic), the country lacks highly qualified specialists. People of other professions often go to the services sector. Managers, lawyers, programmers consider this sphere as a place for temporary earnings rather than a vocation.

So, what is a tourism manager? This is an expert in the field of recreation, who deals with attraction of customers and arrangement of guided tours. Is this profession popular?

Today, both Russia and Europe experience a lack of professional Russian-speaking managers. Due to the fact that Russian tourists often do not speak English, Russian-speaking professionals are required to actively attract and service them. However, it is clear that such specialists should meet European standards.

It becomes apparent that mastering this profession in the best European universities is much more profitable. Thus, a possibility emerges to, first, work abroad and, secondly, exploit this profession in Russia.

There are different options for studying abroad:

  1. Practical secondary vocational education or Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Master’s degree received after Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Advanced training courses in universities.

Be ready to start from the very beginning. You will need to learn etiquette, art of speech and psychology to provide high-quality services.

You will have to pass a compulsory practical training in Slovenia’s companies. Moreover, you will not only work in the office, but also in the field like a guide accompanying tourist groups.

You will study event management, economics, and marketing. Tourism manager is not a person who presses buttons and books tours. This specialist should know how to provide a client with a full-fledged rest of high quality.

To master and apply the profession successfully, at least one foreign language (for example, English) will be required. In the host country, it is possible to learn the local language in parallel with studying on the major programme in order to be employed here in the future. However, even after returning to the native country, a tourism manager having studied abroad can always count on permanent employment with a decent salary.