The Municipality OF Brežice Plans to Build a New Bridge and Improve the Road Infrastructure

In 2020, in the settlement of Čatež, a new bridge across the Sava River will be built, which will become part of the planned eastern bypass road around Brežice. The length of the first section of the bypass road with the new bridge will be 1,500 metres. The budget for the construction of the road’s first section makes 15 million euros. The total budget for the construction of the entire bypass road with a length of 5 kilometres is estimated at 55 million euros. This was reported in the local municipality after a meeting with representatives of the Governmental Department of Infrastructure.

Currently, the process of obtaining a building permit is underway. Parcelling (splitting the land plot into smaller plots) and purchase of land plots is planned for 2019.

It should be noted that 64 km of motorways, the international highway in the direction of Zagreb and the main railway line pass through the territory of the municipality. In the coming years, it is planned to launch the Mokrice hydroelectric power plant. Thus, according to officials, the municipality needs high-quality road infrastructure. The construction of a new bridge over the Sava River will be carried out in parallel with the development of a water reservoir for the Mokrice hydroelectric power station. This will optimize the overall costs.

In addition, in the next 2–4 years, the municipality of Brežice will repair several state highways, open new cycling routes (in particular, on the regional road Spodnja Pohanca – Gornji Lenart, as well as on the roads Brežice – Dobova and Čatež – Krška Vas), and improve the sidewalks.