The Municipality of Maribor and the Oryol City Administration (Russia) Sign a Cooperation Agreement

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Slovenia and the Spirit Slovenija State Agency organized the Days of the Oryol Region. The Russian delegation visited Maribor and met with representatives of the Slovenia’s Government and business leaders.

Signing a Cooperation Agreement

The Maribor Mayor Andrej Fištravec, together with the representatives of the University of Maribor, held a formal meeting with the Head of the Oryol Region Vasily Novikov. Fištravec and Novikov signed a cooperation agreement between Maribor and Oryol in the fields of economy, culture, sports, industry, science and technology, education, information technology, and tourism. The Director of the International Politics Department at the University of Maribor Uroš Kline signed a cooperation agreement between the University of Maribor and the Oryol State University named after I. S. Turgenev in the area of students and teachers mobility as well as in the field of education and science.

The Russian delegation included representatives of the companies and enterprises of agrarian industry, textile industry, information technology, consulting, hospitality industry, as well as electronic and electrical industries. The purpose of the presentations and subsequent B2B meetings was to develop economic ties with companies and enterprises in the region of Lower Styria.

Big Business Opportunities

Igor Vidovič, the Director of 1A PROTEAM, stated that “The event specifically focused on international business networking for small and medium-sized enterprises that plan to expand sales to new markets or are interested in finding new business partners in Russia. The 1A PROTEAM Consortium members, representing the interests of incoming companies in external markets, believe in laying a good foundation for fruitful business cooperation. Such events provide companies with ample opportunity for the development of Slovenian-Russian economic cooperation.”