The New Edition of the Guinness World Records Includes Two Records Set by Slovenians

Rok Puvar and Maks Veselko became known worldwide thanks to their unusual records. Rok Puvar covered a distance of 165.23 km for 24 hours using a SUP board (on still water). While passing the route on the Lake Velenje, the rower followed special signs, while navigating was hampered by thick fog. According to the Guinness World Records rules, it was necessary to have a continuous video recording.

At a press conference dedicated to the Slovenian edition of the Guinness World Records, Rok Puvar said that he could get off the SUP board, change a SD card, and change his clothes only once at a specially chosen stand station. The Slovenian surpassed the record, previously owned by the Americans, by 5 km at once.

The second record belongs to the acrobat from the Dunking Devils team. He tossed a basketball into the basket after performing a somersault on the trampoline (the height of the jump was 3.55 m).

The Slovenian edition of the Guinness World Records 2018 includes another 16 records set earlier. It also includes the biggest chocolate bar, a dance with the biggest number of school graduates (Slovene: največja četvorka), and the largest parade of Alfa Romeo cars.