The Palace of Counts and Princes of Celje Was Discovered During the Archaeological Excavations in Ljubljana

Archaeologists discovered a house of the Slovenian medieval noble family. Why did it disappear from the face of the earth?

Celje. Historians and archaeologists knew from written sources that the area between the Stanetova and the Aškerčeva Streets as well as the Cankarjeva and the Levstikova Streets was once occupied by a palace — a manor of the Counts and later the Princes of Celje, in which the Polish Queen Anna of Celje and the German, Czech and Hungarian Queen Barbara of Celje were likely to spend their childhood. The archaeological studies confirmed this fact.

The archaeologists were not surprised with the discovery of a medieval palace in the parking area. Nevertheless, they were satisfied with the discovery, because it confirms the data of the written sources. The sources inform that the Celje Family lived in a kind of suburban palace. “They went to “work” into the princely mansion in the city,” the archaeologist and curator of the Regional Museum of Celje, Dr. Jure Krajšek said. That was their “headquarters”, and in this palace, they lived. It is hard to conclude on what appearance this palace had. The data obtained from studies indicate that it was a large and fortified complex. “In my opinion, it disappeared completely from the face of the earth, as the locals used all these stone ruins as well as the ruins of the ancient Roman Caelian Hill as a building material,” the archaeologist suggests.