The Parliament Passes a Bill to Regulate the Status of Students

During the 50th extraordinary session, deputies of the Slovenian parliament adopted the Law on the Regulation of Student Status. The project was prepared by the Student Organisation of Slovenia (Slovene: Študentska organizacija Slovenije) with the support of more than 16 thousand Slovenian citizens. The Law was introduced by the Speaker Dr. Milan Brglez.

The majority of the proposals were amended during the parliamentary review process. The following proposals adopted without amendments should be singled out:

  1. Students enrolled to a Master’s degree programme, as well as a Bachelor’s degree programme, retain their status until the end of the academic year, even if they defend their thesis works within a year. Besides, students will be able to cancel their status (for example, for the purpose of subsequent registration with the Employment Service).
  2. The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports regulates the status of students with special needs with a single document.
  3. Schoolers and students that receive scholarships based on the Scholarship Act (ZŠtip-1) will now be able to apply for housing allowance during an academic year given the fulfilment of all relevant conditions.

The following provisions were amended and adopted in the new version:

  1. A proposal to use the services of the state-subsidised student catering system was amended in a way that students can eat at reduced rates until 9:00 p.m. (instead of 8:00 p.m., as it used to be, but still not until 10:00 p.m., as suggested by the draft law provided by the Student Organisation of Slovenia).
  2. A proposal of the Student Organisation of Slovenia regarding the fact that a student retains the right to health insurance provided by his/her parents during the entire period of studies was amended. The new version says that a student has a right to such insurance until the end of the academic or the calendar year, in which he (she) turns 26 years old (rather than before turning 26 years old, as it has been adopted so far).

The following provisions were not included into the text of the adopted Law:

  1. A special preferential tax rate for permanently and temporary employed students and schoolers, according to the Law on the Regulation of Student Status, will not be increased to the pre-crisis level.
  2. The right to use the state-subsidised services of the students catering system from 15 July to 15 August.
  3. Reconciliation of the allowance amount within the students catering system, which has been at the level of 2.63 euros per meal since 2012, despite the fact that, according to the Law on Students Catering Subsidies, the allowance amount should be indexed twice a year in compliance with the changes in prices for goods and services of first necessity.