The Pipistrel Company Has a Golden Opportunity to Enter the Chinese Market

Ivo Boscarol obtained certificates for selling aircrafts in the Chinese market. A certain part of the manufacturing process will also be established in China.

Ajdovščina. The Deputy Minister of Transport of the PRC and the Director of a local Civil Aviation Agency, Feng Chzheng Lin, presented the Pipistrel Company’s director Ivo Boscarol with the certificates for selling aircraft models Virus 912, Virus SW in Sinus 912 in China. Thereby, the Pipistrel Company has acquired an exceptional opportunity of conquering the rapidly growing market of aircraft engineering in this country.

The Chinese aviation industry is just at the beginning of its development. Until now, a total of 2,000 aircrafts were registered in the PRC, but recently the volume of production and sales has started growing up to 30% per year.

“By 2020, the Chinese market will need about 30,000 two- and four-seaters, which is 11 times more than the present capacity of the entire global production of light aircrafts. This is more than the right moment for our breakthrough into the Chinese market, so we just cannot but take advantage of it. In addition, we do not want to miss this unique opportunity while the other players in the market still do not have the PRC certificates. Therefore, we strive to be as active as possible from the very beginning,” the director and owner of the Pipistrel Company from Ajdovščina, Ivo Boscarol, says.