The Pipistrel Company Made a Technological Breakthrough—a Hydrogen Powered Aircraft

We are talking about a product, which principle of operation could be adopted by others.

The Pipistrel Company (Ajdovščina, Slovenia) together with three partners from Germany has developed the first hydrogen fuel cell powered aircraft, which will have only water as a by-product.

The Pipistrel Company owned by the entrepreneur Ivo Boscarol from Ajdovščina in collaboration with the National Institute of Aviation and Space Technology, the DLR German Aerospace Centre, the H2FLY Company from Stuttgart and the University of Ulm have developed a hydrogen fuel cell powered aircraft named HydrogenFour “Hy4”.

We are talking about a four-seat aircraft, which is powered by hydrogen with oxygen from the atmosphere, wherein water is the “combustion” product.

This is the first aircraft model, which has no harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. The world premiere of the German-Slovenian aircraft first flight will be held on 29 September at the Stuttgart airport.