The Plečnik’s Thread Exhibition of Student Works at the Faculty of Textile and Sew Design

The Plečnik’s Thread Exhibition (Plečnikova Nit—in Slovene) was held in the Ljubljana Feniks Gallery on 15 June at 7:00 p.m. (venue: 3, Tavčarjeva Street, Ljubljana). The exhibition is dedicated to commemorate the 145th birth and the 60th death anniversaries of the famous architect Jože Plečnik. His architectural heritage today is assessed as a set of timeless concepts and tools for creative work. His approach, in which, more than 100 years ago, he tried to rely on local materials and reuse, coincides with the global sustainable vision of textile and sew design.

Young authors present their views and assessments of the architect. As part of the exhibition, they study the sustainability as well as the processing, needlework and techniques for cutting clothes that ensure minimal waste of materials. The original forms of clothing and textile samples follow from the analysis of selected details of his most important works transformed into modern, artistically rich models and textile samples, which are a reflection of fashion and aesthetics. The Exhibition will run until 9 July.

Students participating in the Exhibition:

Carmen Arlić, Jan Brovč, Erika Korošec, Natalija Krašovec, Natalija Lesjak, Veronika Pečar, Estera Rezar, and Tina Zonta.


Associate Professor Metod Črešnar, MA CSM, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Almina Durakovič, Master of Design; Martina Šušteršič, Senior Lecturer, Specialist in Textile and Sew Design.