The Poletna Noč 2016 Traditional Concert: Announcement

At 8:45 PM to 12:00 AM, on 21 June 2016. Congresni trg, Ljubljana. Organizers – the Ljubljana Festival and RTV Slovenija ( Admission fee – EUR 23.20. Facebook.

The Poletna Noč 2016 traditional concert will be held as part of the 64th Ljubljana Festival at the Congresni trg, on 21 June. The preparation for this festival is held under the auspices of RTV Slovenija in collaboration with the Ljubljana Festival. The Big Banda and the RTV Slovenija Symphony Orchestra will perform the well-known hits of the Festival, which were written after gaining independence by Slovenia in 1991, under the direction of conductor Patrik Grebl. The concert is a tribute to the best pop songs of Slovenia. The current Poletna Noč 2016 concert as part of the 64th Ljubljana Festival is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of the Slovenian state.

Симфонічний оркестр RTV Slovenija

The RTV Slovenija Symphony Orchestra

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Visitors can listen live to such hits as Za prijatelje, Čez dvajset let, Tih deževen dan, Prisluhni mi, Mi ljudje smo kot morje, Ko mene ne bo več, Solinar, etc. The concert will be also attended by such famous pop singers as Nuša Derenda, Alenka Godets, Tanja Ribič, Anika Horvat, Helena Blagne, trio Eroika, Andraž Hribar, Marko Vozelj and others.

Дівчина з гітарою відбудеться на конгресного тргу

Summer Night will be held at Congresni trg

Tickets are still on sale.

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