The Prestigious International Wine Festival in the Cankar Centre Will Be Held on 17 October 2016. Announcement.

The announcement of the international wine festival in the Cankar Centre: Bordeaux, champagne and overseas brands of wine.

Wines from the Bordeaux region Pontet-Canet and Smith Haut Lafitte, the champagne houses Pol Roger and Ruinart, the prestigious Italian brands Ferrari, Gravner and Zidarich, the Californian and New Zealand foreign brands, as well as the largest Slovenian brands Simčič, Burja and Istenič.

This is only a part of the impressive list of the Top Vino participants, which is the most prestigious festival of wines that has been ever held in Slovenia. Despite the abundance of similar festivals held in Slovenia in recent years, the focus was given mainly to the products of Slovenian winemakers. Sometimes the Croatian, Austrian and Italian producers from the border regions were also presented.

On 17 October in the Cankar Centre, in addition to 25 Slovenian wine producers, the winemakers of France (11 chateaux wines of the Bordeaux region), 4 champagne houses, the wine cellars of Burgundy, Tuscany (Ornellaio should be especially distinguished), Spain, Portugal, Austria, California and New Zealand will present their products. Carrying out such a remarkable event in Slovenia became possible thanks to Gašper Čarman, the two-time winner of the national championships among sommeliers. He is the head of the eVino wine importing company and a participant of many international events. He thus managed to acquire the necessary acquaintances.


Most of the tickets are already sold out

The festival opens on Saturday, 17 October at 11:00 a.m. for experts and at 1:00 p.m. for the general public, and ends at 8:00 p.m. Its guests will be able to taste the wines of 65 producers. Besides, more than 30 premiere presentations of wines are planned. To diversify the taste and experience of guests, the organizers are also planning to introduce spirits Distillerie Berta, Cognac Tesseron, Serbian vodka Zarić, Gin Martin Miller’s and Gin & Tonic Fever Tree. Among other things, the visitors and participants of the festival will enjoy a rich culinary offer, in particular, the Spanish jamon Pata Negra Blazquez.

The first 250 tickets are already sold out at low prices. A similar number of tickets for 40 euros are now available. The ticket price will continue growing. Tickets are available at the Eventim sell points (at the official website and at the Petrol and OMW filling stations), in the Cankar Centre, in the eVino Bar (Ljubljana, Šmartinska cesta, 53) and at the website.


The list of participants:

France: Château Pontet-Canet, Château Giscours, Château du Tertre, Château Calon Segur, Château Capbern Gasqueton, Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Château Grand Puy Lacoste, Château Lacoste Borie, Château Cote de Bateau, Château Poujeaux, Château Saint Pierre, E. Guigal, Champagne Serge Mathieu, Maison Vincent Girardin, Louis Max, Marchand Tawse, La Chablisienne, Bailly Lapierre, Mouchonat Lucas, Champagne Delamotte, Champagne Pol Roger, Champagne Ruinart.

Italy: Ornellaia, Ferrari, Jermann, Trevisol, Gravner, Castelo Banfi, Tua Rita, Zidarich.

Spain: Vega Sicilia, Torremilanos.

Portugal: Casa Alexandre Relvas.

Hungary: Oremus

USA (CA): Stonestreet Wines, Kendall-Jackson Winery, Mt. Brave Wines.

New Zealand: Mount Nelson, Ram’s Hill

Slovenia: Dolfo, Edi Smičič, Gašper, Istenič, Joannes, Klet Brda, Kmetija Dobuje, Kobal vina, Korenika & Moškon, Vinska klet Metlika, Simčič Marjan, Movia, Pasji rep, Posestvo Burja, Steyer vina, Sutor, Ščurek, Šumenjak, Blažič, Frešer, Šturm, Vinakoper, Vinarstvo Dora Erzelj, Mavrič.