The Primorska University Faculty of Mathematics Enrols Talented Students

The Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Science and Information Technologies of the University of Primorska has been conducting an annual international contest in mathematics for the last 7 years. Its goal is to select talented pupils – future potential students.

Schoolchildren from 200 countries of the world take part in the contest. Each country provides 6 representatives – winners and prize-holders of national qualifying Olympiads.

Winners and prize-holders of the international Olympiad become students of the faculty, and subsequently continue their studies in Cambridge, Lyon, Bonn and Munich. Last year, many foreign companies applied to the faculty administration. The most requested specialists are physicists, engineers in biomechanics, biophysics and biostatistics. Graduates of these study programmes have no problems with employment. They receive jobs offers from banks and insurance companies. The majority of the Faculty’s graduates work in the field of scientific research at their native faculty or in research institutions.