The Principal of the DOBA Faculty Becomes the Entrepreneur of Styria – 2018 According to the Večer Publication

The Principal of the DOBA Faculty, Jasna Dominko Baloh, became the Entrepreneur of Styria – 2018 according to the Večer publication. This competition has been held for the third time in a row. The awarding ceremony took place in the Kazinska dvorana hall of the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor in mid-December 2018.

Jasna Dominko Baloh is the head and owner of the DOBA Business Group, which includes a vocational educational college, a language learning centre, a self-study centre and a knowledge exchange centre. She is the founder of the one and only online higher educational project in Slovenia with two international accreditations.

Jasna Dominko Baloh is the winner of the highest state award for successful educational activities, organisational work and the introduction of innovations in adult education as well as the award of the Slovenian Centre for Andragogy for her contribution to the provision of quality adult education.

It should be added that the DOBA Business Group has 35 employees. Its average annual income is about 1.3 million euros.