The Quality of the Propolis Products by the Medex Company Is Confirmed

The inspection and laboratory tests on the content of pesticides and insecticides have shown that propolis of this Company does not contain any residues of banned drugs.

Ljubljana. The testing commissioned in April by the Ministry of Health and the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of the Republic of Slovenia and conducted by the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food Products Issues confirmed that the Medex Company’s products do not contain residues of banned drugs.

The Medex propolis was analysed for 114 pesticides and insecticides, including the content of amitraz, coumaphos, chlorfenvinphos and rotenone. The inspection report shows that Medex propolis does not contain any residues of banned drugs. Thus, a substantiated support was provided to the Company employees’ statements on that their products with propolis were tested, are completely safe and do not contain any unwanted residues.

The Medex Company annually produces more than 500 000 products containing propolis. They are sold not only in Slovenia, but also in 30 other countries around the world. Its products are said to be made in accordance with the most stringent IFS food standards regardless of brand, under which it is sold, or the country, in which it is present. “In addition to the inspections initiated by the regulatory bodies and audit firms, the constant monitoring for international standards was introduced that checks the safety, quality and source of raw materials, controls the whole production process and finished products until the end of their shelf-life,” the Medex representatives noted. This means that the Medex Company offers its consumers only the tested and safe products of high quality.