The Real Estate Market in Slovenia Is in its Heyday

The demand in the primary housing market in Ljubljana exceeds the supply. Buyers decide to make deals even at the second or third stages of the residential development. The situation when all objects in new buildings are sold out before the completion of construction work becomes customary.

The majority of buyers are not confused by the rise in price for apartments. The average cost per square meter is 3–3.5 thousand euros. In the secondary market, housing has also risen in price (2–2.4 thousand euros per 1 sq. m.)

A similar situation with a rush in purchasing apartments is observed in Maribor. However, in the capital of Styria, the demand for secondary housing only is growing (900–1,000 euros per 1 sq. m.), since there is practically no supply in the primary market (1.8–2 thousand euros per 1 sq. m.) According to experts, high demand is caused by a low rate on loans. The second reason, in their opinion, is the improved economic situation in Slovenia.