The Season of Christmas and New Year Holidays Is Open in Ljubljana

In the capital of Slovenia, 50 km of festive lights and 800 sources of artificial lighting were lit. This year the city’s decoration was once again created by the artist Zmago Modic, who called it “Cross-sections of Time.”

Trees near the Ljubljanica River are decorated with 40 street solar lamps made by students of the Ljubljana primary schools. The Christmas tree that decorates the Prešeren Square has a height of 20 metres and is hanged with about 10 km of lights. One of the city residents brought the tree from the village of Pržan and presented it to the municipality.

Festive Christmas trees are also installed on the Town Square, Levstikov Square, under Trančo, near Figovec, in the castle and in the courtyard of the magistrate.

The city will pay 220 thousand euros for the main decoration. According to the Head of the Turizem Ljubljana Company, Peter Stušek, the funds are provided under a concession agreement with the state commercial service for the installation of street lighting.

Besides, there is a festive fair in Ljubljana. In total, 48 fair lodges with a competitive programme and culinary offer are installed in several places in the city centre.

These days a number of events takes place in the city. In addition to the St. Nikolaos the Wonderworker Fair and the meeting and seeing-off of Santa Claus, several musical events in the open air will be held in Ljubljana in December. The novelty of 2017 is the Ledena Fantazija ice complex built in the Zvezda Park and the mini-springboard Kameleon installed on Novi trg (New Square).

December festive atmosphere will accompany all events on the central squares of the city right up to the time of ‘Silvestrovanje’ (New Year celebration), which this year starts at 8:00 p.m.

Music will reign on the city squares—Novi trg, Kongresni trg, Mestni trg and Trg francoske revolucije. From 15 December to 1 January, Joker Out, Pero Lovšin and Španski borci Band, Big Foot Mama, Žan Serčič, Samuel Lucas, Halid Bešlić, Trio Utrip, Ansambel Saša Avsenika, Čuki, Zala Smolnikar, Lačni Franz, Prljavo kazalište, Peter Vode, Tabu, Ivan Zak, Klara Jazbec, CoverLover, Jana Šušteršič and Lea Sirk, Vigor Band, Single Ladies — Beyonce Tribute Band, Manouche, Neisha, Ars Groova, Cubanama’ Latin Band, The Dreams, Orlek, Mia Žnidarič kvartet, Helena Blagne, Nuša Derenda, Koala Voice, Repetitor, Nipke, Trije kralji, Happy Ol’ McWeasel will perform in Ljubljana.