The Shrovetide Snake Carnival Takes Place in Ljubljana

Last weekend, the Snake Carnival was held In Ljubljana. Its main participants were children from kindergartens and pupils of the municipal elementary schools. During the festive procession along the streets of the Old City, they were accompanied by the characters of folk tales. Together with the Kurents (an extravagant god of unrestrained pleasure and hedonism in early Slavic customs), they drove away the winter.

The traditional Snake Carnival 2018 is dedicated to the European cultural heritage and the 70th anniversary of the local Puppet Theatre.

The procession participants wearing colourful masks gathered at the New Square (Slovene: Novi Trg) and together with the Big Serpent and the Majorette Orchestra walked through the streets of the Old City. Various characters of the Puppet Theatre performances accompanied them.

At the end of the procession, a contest of masks and a competition of children creative workshops took place at the Congress Square.