The Sixth International Festival of Sparkling Wines Is Held in Portorož

The festival was attended by all large and small wine cellars of Slovenia engaged in the production of sparkling wines, as well as winemakers from Austria, Italy and Croatia. A total of 150 brands of wine were presented by 31 producers from five countries.

The French Taittinger Champagne House presented its products as an exclusive participant. The wines from one of the most respectable champagne producers are popular all over the world. Each year, the company fills 6.5 million bottles of champagne, while around 18 million bottles are further stored in the cellars of the corporate farm in Reims. Taittinger is one of James Bond’s favourite champagne wines.

20 winemakers with 47 brands of champagne competed for the title of the best Portorož champagne. Currently this title belongs to champagnes from the Istenič cellar, sparkling wines from the Bjana Sirk Miran cellar, champagnes from the Rebula winemaking farm and products from the Sektkellerei Szigeti cellar (Austria), which was the foreign winner last year.

The festival was held in Portorož at the Kempinski Hotel.