The Slovenian Handball Players Suddenly Gained an Advantage of the Brazilian National Team during the Olympics 2nd Round Meeting

Rio de Janeiro. During the second round meeting, the men’s national handball team in B group of the Olympic tournament gained a sensational victory over the hosts of the Games — the Brazilian national team — with a score of 31:28 (16:13).

The Brazilian handball players defeated the Poles in the starting meeting of the Olympic tournament in B group. At the same time, the success of the Slovenian national team in the game with Egypt was foreseeable; however, it was not easy, since the decisive goal was scored just 15 seconds before the end of normal time. The youngest national team player Blaž Janc became the author of the successful throw. The trainees of Veselin Vujović demonstrated the best game against the hosts of the Olympic Games. They were in the lead during the whole game, while the Brazilians only twice managed to level the match. First — 1:1, and then — 4:4.

Словенські гандболісти у зустрічі 2-го кола Олімпіади несподівано взяли верх над господарями - збірною Бразилії.

Blaž Janc (six goals) and Jure Dolenec (five goals) are the best scorers of the Slovenian national team.

The victory in the match of the third round over Sweden opened the way to the quarterfinals for the Slovenian national team. The Swedes, who at the last Olympic Games in London 2012 reached the finals, dominated during the first period with a difference of one or two goals. However, the Slovenes firmly seized the initiative during the second period. The outcome of the meeting was 29:24 in favour of the Slovenian national team. This victory over the Swedish team was the first in the last 6 years. The Slovenes, having confidently beaten the uncomfortable opponent, secured access to the quarterfinals, as according to the rules of the competitions, the four best teams from the two groups of the Olympic tournament can enter the next stage.

1. Slovenia: 3 games—6 points
2. Germany: 3–4
3. Brazil: 3–4
4. Poland: 3–2
5. Egypt: 3–2
6. Sweden: 3–0