The Slovenian Kayakers Won Silver Medals at the World Championship in Extreme Rafting

Banja Luka. According to the results of the exciting evening sprint finals on the 4th of June, the kayakers and canoeists completed individual performances in singles and doubles at the World Championship in extreme rafting in Banja Luka. Peter Žnidaršič and Luka Žganjar finished second in doubles, and Vid Debeljak took bronze in canoeing.

The titled Slovenian kayakers and canoeists Peter Žnidaršič and Luka Žganjar renewed their collection of awards taking silver at the last World Championship in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The former world champions in doubles gave the garland of victory to their French rivals in a bitter struggle.

The newfound world champions Quentin Dazeur and Stephane Santamaria from France were ahead of their Slovenian rivals only by 0.41 seconds. The bronze also went to France. Tony Debray and Louis Lapointe won it. For Žnidaršič and Žganjarj, this is the second medal of the championships held on the Vrbas River. Last year, they were third in sprint at the European Championships.

Simon Hočevar and Maks Frančeškin finished seventh in the doubles. Simon Hočevar also performed in the singles of the canoe sprint finals, where he was the tenth.

Just behind Debeljak, the fourth place went to the multiple prizewinner of the competitions of such level Nejc Žnidarčič, who lacked 0.20 seconds to the podium due to a number of mistakes.

In the finals, Anže Urankar, who became the twelfth, also presented Slovenia.

The championship ended on the 5th of June with a team start in the extreme rafting sprint, and right next week, two stages of the World Cup, which will be held in Celje, are waiting for the extreme rowers.