The Slovenian Language Is Now Taught in Vienna

The Viennese public school called “Stubenbastei” starts teaching the Slovenian language. This course is launched as part of the cross-cultural exchange and bilingualism-strengthening program.

Launching the course was preceded by many years of hard work of the Ministry of Education of Slovenia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the “Stubenbastei” public school. The course of the Slovenian language as a native one will be taught once a week. The program is intended for pupils of basic (9-grade) schools. Currently, 10 pupils study the Slovenian language. Their final score will be listed in the certificate, despite the fact that the children are from different schools and do not attend the course in their original schools.

Thus, due to the longstanding efforts taken by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in the Republic of Austria, the Slovenian language became one of more than 20 other foreign languages that pupils can study at Viennese state schools as native languages.

Studying native languages is a project of the Federal Ministry of Education of the Republic of Austria, which it holds jointly with the regional authorities. The aim of studying the Slovenian language as a native one is a cultural enrichment, development and strengthening of bilingualism. The course is of particular importance for the development of personality and identity of pupils who have received an opportunity of studying not only the state German language, but also their native Slovenian language.