The Slovenian Leskom Company Will Export Products to the Chinese Market

The negotiations with Chinese partners lasted for more than a year.

A business conference took place in Brdo pri Kranju yesterday on the 24th of May, which culminated the completion of the coordination group work between China and the CEE countries. It was opened by signing a cooperation agreement between the Slovenian Leskom Company from Kobarid and the Chinese Natural Home Company. As the head of the Slovenian Company, Davor Ohojak stated in the wings of the conference, the negotiations with the Chinese partners had lasted for more than a year. The signing of this document, as he said, would increase the volume of production and create new job opportunities. A Slovenian supplier – the Leskom Company – will firstly export to China fittings for residential furniture. Davor Ohojak also plans to collaborate with other Slovenian manufacturers. A part of the production cycle will be held in Italy, because the Slovene partners do not have the necessary equipment that would be suitable for the manufacture of technologically sophisticated fitting. The Chinese visitors are also interested in various breeds of trees growing in Slovenia and a protective coating for the wood produced by the Slovenian Silvaprodukt Company.

Продукція на китайський ринокIn addition, China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe signed in Brdo pri Kranju the Action Plan for the implementation of a coordination mechanism in the field of forestry. The coordinating body will be in Slovenia, which, according to the profile Minister Dejan Zidan, is the fact of recognition of the coutry’s high-tech expertise and good work in the field of sustainable forestry.

The mechanism is intended to promote cooperation in the field of sustainable and multifunctional forest management, sharing the best practices and joint projects in the field of forestry research. It also provides for promotion of trade, specialized knowledge and forestry technology in the field of forestry: from wood processing into environmentally friendly products to environmentally friendly technologies.

China and the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) agreed to cooperate in the promotion of sustainable and multifunctional management of forests, protection of river and sea areas and the development of natural resources management, green economy and ecological culture.

Together they will implement the Strategy – 2030 aimed at sustainable development and optimal forest management.