The Slovenian Mountain Climbers Are Satisfied with the Inclusion of their Kind of Sport into the Olympic Program, but…

As expected, the mountain climbing will be included into the program of the Olympic Games in the form of a combination of three disciplines, which means a fundamental change in the long time known kind of sport.

Ljubljana. The Slovenian mountain climbers are among those who are most pleased with the news that the Olympic program now includes mountain climbing. For many years, they have been the members of the world’s sports climbing elite, and in 2020 in Tokyo, they will be able to crown their professional achievements with Olympic medals.

“The Slovenian Olympic Committee is very pleased with this news and congratulates the Association of Slovenian Mountain Climbers. The IOC decision is of momentous importance for the Slovenian sport. Since we are showing excellent results in sport climbing, at the next Winter Olympics in Tokyo, we have weighty chances to win. The mere fact of recognition is very important for our kind of sport. It provides us with motivation and incentives, because now far greater opportunities for developing are opened up for us,” the Secretary General of the Slovenian IOC Branch Edward Kolar says.

The Head of the PZS Sports Climbing Commission Aleš Pirc notes that this is a great opportunity for the Slovenian climbers to show their skills at the high international level. “Once the mountain climbing was included into the category of Olympic sports, we can expect large financial investments from public and private sources, which will allow athletes to improve their training conditions within the four-year Olympic cycle. We should start the training cycle in the “speed” category as soon as possible, which will be one of the three Olympic disciplines (until now it has been neglected in Slovenia). Participation in the Tokyo Games falls on the share of a small number of the world’s best athletes. I hope that there will be at least two representatives from Slovenia. Given the excellent results of our climbers in recent years and their strong potential, we can safely hope for the Olympic medals in four years,” Aleš Pirc says.