The Slovenian Team Enters the Top Five in the NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon

The five young Slovenes, united within the Blue Ice team, are among the five best teams participating in the NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon.

The world hackathon was attended by 75 countries, 200 cities, 17,924 participants and 2,719 teams that submitted 1,395 solutions on 20 missions set by the NASA Space Agency. The hackathon tasks concerned astronomy, ecology, geology and robot building. Participants had 48 hours at their disposal to search for solutions and develop prototypes. All NASA data was publicly available to them, as well as the assistance of professional mentors.

It should be noted that anyone could take part in the event without restrictions. Schoolchildren, students, engineers, programmers, and even writers could register for participation in the hackathon. Members of various qualifications within one tea were welcomed. This happened to the members of the Blue Ice team, who, before the start of the hackathon, were not familiar with each other. So, the team included a student of the Koper Secondary School of Economics, a gymnasium student, a biology student, a full-stack developer and a master of marketing.

The Blue Ice team, which reached the superfinals of the world hackathon, included Ula Valentič, Eva Pincin, Alenka Skvarč, Matija Gašpar and Luka Andolšek. For the two days allotted to all participants, the Slovenian team has developed a cooperative game, in which players solve the problems of global warming. The game is available at

The expert committee evaluated the teams according to the following criteria: influence, innovation, scientific importance, technical applicability and presentability.