The Smell of the Sea Will Saturate Ljubljana

The Yacht Regatta. For the first time on the Ljubljanica river. About 40 members under the age of 15 years have already registered for this event. One third of them are girls.

Ljubljana. For already one week, the Ljubljanica River is full of yachts like a sea. The yachts come here each afternoon and cover the space from the Prulsk Bridge to the Trnovski Quay. Every day young sailors take their yachts to this place waiting for the start of doubles regatta, which is the first competition of such kind on the Ljubljanica River.

The event, which will take place in the framework of the Razgibajmo Ljubljano project, is organized by Jadralni klub Ljubljana and Zveza Športnih društev Krim and sponsored by Jadralne zveze Slovenije, and will be held between Špica and Trnovski pristan. It will be especially beautiful starting from 1:45 PM, when the serial group performances of young yachtsmen will be held. About 40 members under the age of 15 years have already registered for this event. One third of them are girls, and two-thirds are boys. The national team of Slovenia has also confirmed its participation. The team usually takes part in the World’s and European championships and consists of ten boys and girls.


The city river will serve for the yacht sport

The trainings on the eve of the competition are held under the auspices of Jadralnega kluba Ljubljana. Its chair, Tomaz Virnik, says that in such a way they wanted to check whether it would be possible to organize a regatta in Ljubljana, which, as he mentions, has never been held on the Ljubljanica River. The nearest to Ljubljana regatta was carried out previously on the Zbiljsk Lake.

The trainings held on the Ljubljanica River confirmed that this city river could still be interesting for the lovers of yachting sport. The club members develop their yachts management skills on this river for practical reasons, because since 1949, they have their office in Ljubljana, Livada, 31, and in the midst of the working week the Ljubljanica river is the nearest suitable water venue for conducting a yacht competition.