The State Budget in April Demonstrated a Surplus for the First Time this Year

According to STA, in April this year, the domestic state budget for the first time this year showed a surplus in the amount of 61.2 million euros. This is evidenced through the data provided by the Ministry of Finance and published yesterday. For the four months of 2016, the budget deficit totals to 510.9 million euros.

Ljubljana. In accordance with the budget adopted by the State Assembly in November last year, the deficit of the main financial document of the country for 2016 is defined in the amount of 839.3 million euros or 2.1% of GDP. This is the lowest projected budget deficit since the start of economic crisis in 2008.

To date, the state budget in 2016 constantly records the deficit. In January, it amounted to slightly less than 1 million euros, in February — 247.4 million euros, and in March — 324, 4 million euros.

In general, during the four months, the budget revenues amounted to 2.67 billion euros or 135 million euros less than in the same period last year.

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Out of this total sum of revenues, the budget received 751.3 million euros in April, which is so far the highest record in 2016. However, it is a little less than 100 million euros less than in April last year.

The taxes paid by residents in April, totalling 678 million euros, had the greatest influence on this figure. This is approximately 35 million euros less than last year.

The value-added tax was paid in April in the amount of 302.9 million euros, and the tax on personal income – 25.3 million euros. The Ministry of Finance in relation to these figures points out that the actual revenues under income based on the results of the calculation of both taxes were still higher. However, about 50 million euros of fixed income as of the 30 April were marked on the first business day of the fiscal month of May.

The state collected 465.2 million euros of domestic taxes on goods and services in April, where VAT and excise taxes make up the largest share. Thus, this is the best result in the current year. During the first four months, the revenues from these taxes made up 26 million euros less than in the same period last year, finally amounting to 1.69 billion euros in total.

Last month, the Slovenian budget received the EU funds in the amount of 45 million euros, and in general for four months — in the amount of 201.5 million euros. This figure is 113 million euros lower than during the first four months of 2015.

The budget expenditures in April 2016 amounted to 690.1 million euros — this is the lowest figure of the current fiscal year, which is 50 million euros less than during the same April period last year. During the first four months, the state budget paid off only 3.16 billion euros. This is about 180 million euros less than in the previous year.

To pay off the internal and external debts, Slovenia allocated 97.4 million euros in April, which is so far the minimum rate in the current fiscal year. The expense portion for repayment of debts over the past four months totalled to 584.1 million euros.

This year, the budget revenues are estimated to be 8.7 billion euros, and expenditures — at the level of 9.5 billion euros.