The Študentski Tolar Foundation of the Ljubljana University Student Organisation Accepts Student Applications for Financial Assistance

The Študentski Tolar Foundation based on the Ljubljana University Student Organisation is committed to helping needy students. This year, it has announced a competition for the provision of financial assistance to student families. According to representatives of the Foundation, they want to contribute to creating equal opportunities for all students to access the higher and secondary vocational education.

The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 13 September 2019. The fund for the competition is 4,000 euros.

Each student family that wins the competition will receive a one-time payment of 400 euros. Families with at least one of the parents having the status of a student of any higher or secondary vocational educational institution of the country, being a member of the Ljubljana University Student Organisation, and without a permanent job can seek financial assistance.

Two parents of one and the same child cannot submit separate applications for assistance. Besides, persons who have twice received similar payments from the Študentski Tolar Foundation, as well as students who have already received five similar payments, cannot apply for this payment.